The majorette and show dance club of the Bersek József Primary School began its activity 20 years ago. The girls of each age groups take part weekly in a training lasting an hour.

In 2005 the BE-JÓ Historical Dance Group was established. The club lays emphasis on traditional dances and is specialized in Renaissance dances. The group got wider with two more formations:

- BE-JÓ "Ball-Spinner" - in 2007

- Flag twister group - in 2008.

The BE-JÓ Historical Dance Group had a wider repertory on the Half Moon and Full Moon "Days of Siege" 2010 in Kőszeg: the "Fairy Wing Dancers" and the "Fire Dancers" made their debut befor those interested and the members of the "Siege Council".

Since September 2013 the BE-JÓ Dance Group has been attended by 55-60 girls from the age of 4 till the school leavers of secondary education. There are 3 age groups of the majorette dancers, vour of them "works" with 2 sticks. Our repertoire consists of march, modern dances, pompon dances and more and more show dances.

Our performances:

Every year about 50-60 times we take part successfully with different dance-styles in school programmes, town balls, art competitions, grape harvest festivals, historical carnivals, sport events, company programmes, in programmes of the partner school in Mödling, Austria. We perform in the programmes of our town, county, inland festivals and celebrations as well.

Performances we are proud of:

- September 2008 - Vaihingen an der Enz, Germany (twin town of Kőszeg) for the first time, the "Strassenfest" was opened by an art group from Kőszeg, namely by our Renaissance and majorette groups.

- 2008 - On the occasion of the "Year of Renaissance" our Be-Jó Historical Dance Group was invited to "Agria Interactive Renaissance Festival" in Eger, and to "Renaissance Kavalkád" in Kecskemét. Here we won the price of "Masters of Pavane". 

- February 2009 - we were invited as one of the top-class performances to the National Gala of "Renaissance Kavalkád" in Budai Vigadó (Budapest).

- June 2009 - Hungarian Championship of Stage Dances - we returned home with 2 gold and 1 silver medals.

- November 2009 - Hungarian Championship of Stage Dances - we returned home with 2 gold medals.

- December 2009 - XV. Dance Festival in Zugló in Budapest, national amateur dance competition "Santa Claus Cup": the trio of Krisztina Lajos, Lilla Kálmán and Katalin Baranyai won the 1st place with their dance "Chicago"' in the category of junior "sight stage dance"

- March 2010 - 3 gold places and 2 silver places in West Hungarian Regional Final of the Magyar Látványtánc Sportszövetség


5th-form girls: 1th place - "In the court of King Matthias" (children category)

5-9th-form girls: gold classification - "League of Champions" (junior category)

8-9th-form girls: silver classification - "Dancing Sticks" (junior category)

Secondary school girls: 2nd place - "Lady Marmalade" (adult category)

The duet of Gyöngyi Mailach and Lilla Kálmán: gold classification - "Babies of Jazz" (adult category)

25-27 June 2010 - Kaposvár - Dance European Championship and World Cup - the group got great results:

- 1 2nd place

- 2 Silver

- 2 3rd place


Our programmes last 45-60 minutes, we conduct barn dances if demanded.

Artistic direktor and choreographer:

Horváth Márta - teacher of History, Russian, Dance and Drama

Januar 2009 - She received the award "For Communical Culture" dr. Kiss Gyula Cultural Society on the occassion of "The Day of Hungarian Culture" in Szombathely.

 We are waiting for further invitations. We are glad to accept your invitation, since we love dancing.